Dietitians are experts in the art and science of nutrition to help you meet your nutrition needs

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Control Your Weight

Weight gain | Weight loss | Body recomposition

Clinical Nutrition

Diabetes | Blood pressure control | Cholesterol | Gout | Anaemia | Anti-inflammatory diet | Bone Health | Cancer and more…

Sports Nutrition

Science-Based Supplement Education |
Body recomposition

Paediatric Nutrition

Pre, During and Post Pregnancy Nutrition | Food allergies | Fussy eating | Nutrition at every milestone

Gut Issues

IBS: constipation, diarrhoea or mixed | IBD – diverticulitis | Crohn’s disease | Celiac Disease | Bloating

Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa | Bulimia nervosa | Binge eating disorder

Lifestyle Specific Diets

Intermittent fasting | Keto
Plant based diets (vegan / vegetarian) | Gluten free diets

Hormone Nutrition

PCOS | Thyroid (under or overactive) | Menopause

Corporate Nutrition

Nutrition Presentations | Corporate Wellness | Menu analysis

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Can’t get your weight under control?
Want that summer body?
Looking to tone up?

Dietitians are experts in the art and science of nutrition to help you lead the healthy lifestyle you’ve been striving towards. Let us help you lose or gain weight in a healthy and practical way.

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Want science-based sports nutrition?
What supplements could benefit you?
Want to gain muscle and stay lean?

We have a passion to provide science-based and effective nutrition to meet your exercise goals.

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Have a medical condition?
Do you want a science-based diet?
Want to know exactly what to eat?

We do an in-depth nutritional analysis and help you to understand how to nutritionally manage your medical condition.

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Planning to get pregnant?
Looking for the best nutrition for you and your baby?
Have a fussy eater?

We assist you with science-based nutritional information during all life cycles including pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, lactation, introducing solid food and more.

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Do you struggle with an irritable gut?
Are your gut issues affecting your daily life?
Want a diet specifically for your gut issues?

Dietitians understand the complex nature and science of an irritable gut and look at what will be the effective way to alleviate your symptoms.

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Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food?
Want someone to help you with your specific needs?

We look at you and your specific situation and aim to discover the reasons behind certain eating patterns in order to help you overcome your obstacles.

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Looking to improve the health of your employees?
Want a tailor-made nutrition wellness package?

We provide versatile options of nutritional talks, health screenings and individual sessions at your organisation to improve your employees’ nutritional wellbeing.

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Struggling with hormone imbalance or your thyroid?
Want to manage your weight during menopause?
Want an effective PCOS diet?

Nutrition plays a vital role in hormonal balance and your hormones. We look at your specific situation and provide a personalised meal plan for you to effectively and nutritionally manage your hormones.

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Do you want a tailor-made diet?
Want to know how to do your diet correctly?
Need a sustainable weight-loss solution?

We look at you and your specific nutritional needs and goals and then develop a meal plan for you that is sustainable, practical and enjoyable.

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