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Welcome to Pretoria Dietitian, your number one source for all things nutrition.
We’re dedicated to providing you with practical ways of eating as well as effectively reaching your nutritional goals.

Founded in 2018 by Jason van Heerden, Pretoria Dietitian evolved from Jason Diet by offering numerous nutritional services to meet the nutritional needs of all his clients. Jason has a passion for education as you can see from his YouTube channel “Jason van Heerden Registered Dietitian”.

We look forward to you enjoying our content and working with you!

Jason van Heerden

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What is the best diet?

The best diet in the world is the one that you can actually stick to. It has to be practical, enjoyable, affordable and sustainable.

You should never be hungry or overfull and should always have energy through the day.

Everyone has their own specific needs and goals and our mission to make your meal plan as practical, enjoyable but yet effective to get you to where you want to beWe look at you and your needs!

Our Team

Whether you need help with your nutritional needs or help managing minor and major medical issues, or a team to deal with something serious, we are able to assist you.

Jason van Heerden

Founder & Managing Director

Jason studied his Dietetics degree at the University of Pretoria and started his dietitian practice in 2019. Jason has a passion for his work and people and enjoys going in-depth with his clients with their specific nutritional goals and needs. Jason used to play club rugby, plays squash and loves to do crossfit.

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Shani la Grange

Registered Dietitian

Shani is a proud B.Sc Dietetics graduate from the University of Pretoria. Shani is determined to help clients reach their individual healthy lifestyle goals. She enjoys walking a path with each client and celebrating victories with them. Shani loves to go to the gym.

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Jesse Fourie

Registered Dietitian

Jesse has a true passion for helping people and a genuine love for what she does. Jesse is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of her clients. She believes in the power of personalized care and enjoys working closely with each individual to understand their unique needs and goals. Jesse is a netball player.

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